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June 30, 2009

Two gigs in one day!

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another way to spin a plate

another way to spin a plate

All The Skills would like to know what is so special about Saturday the 27th of June and why everyone holds their events on that day? Honestly we had about 5 phone calls to do something on that date. In the end we could only manage two…

The day started for Sean and Naomi at Breightmet UCAN centre in Bolton at the centre’s launch party. We were given a lovely big field to run our drop in circus workshop in and were literally mobbed as soon as we came in. The unicycle proved very popular with the older children and the Community Support officers! Spinning plates kept the younger ones amused.

Towards the end of the event Sean produced about 100 balloon models for everyone to go home with. Unfortunatley someone out there is making machine gun balloon models and we had numerous requests for these. All The Skills do NOT make guns, not even with balloons. In estates such as Breightmet I think it is important that we make it clear that guns in whatever form even balloon are not something we want to advocate.

After a busy two hours we worried slightly about how Nathan would cope alone at Deighton carnival running his circus skills workshop so we decided to join him. We are very glad we did as for the hour all 3 of us were kept pretty busy showing everyone a range of skills. This included showing my disabled friend how to spin a plate using her mouth-it has to be said circus skills is not very disability friendly.

The organiser of the imagine tent at Deighton carnival said our sessions was the best they’d had in the tent all day yay!

Well done everyone, especially Nathan with his finale of juggling while riding a unicycle in very limited space.


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  1. Woo-woo! And I am that disabled friend! Thanks guys, fun was had after my hard day of work… lol xx

    Comment by Sandra O'Donovan — August 11, 2009 @ 11:49 am

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