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August 5, 2010

Crosland Moor Allstars Fun day

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Maggie from The Lawrence Batley Theatre taking part in the circus workshop

All The Skills have previously worked with The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield on several occassions bringing circus skills, visual art and dance to different groups.

Last Sunday the LBT invited All The Skills to run a circus workshop in their “Imagine Tent” as part of the activities at Crosland Moor Allstars Fun day. Participants had a go at plate spinning, diabolos, flower stick, juggling, poi spinning and making their own balloon animals.

As our workshop was only an hour long Sean and Naomi decided to make the most of the other activities available…a rare treat when usually we are working all day at these kind of events. Sean had an ice cream (proper ice cream not that stuff pumped through a machine!) and Naomi had her face painted!

It was also a chance to meet up with a few old friends…the Sound Jata West African drummers who we worked with on the Fire in the Sky event and Kate Woodfield visual artist extraordinaire. Kate will be back with us in a few weeks at Sunnyside Park in Great Lever.

SoundJata African drummers

Naomi getting into character after having her face painted


May 2, 2009

Fire in The Sky-performance day!

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30th October

A very exciting day! Today was the Fire in The Sky performance at Greenhead park and it is estimated that up to 10,000 people were at the park tonight.

We have been rehearsing at the park all week so the performers were used to being cold but no-one was prepared for the icy stage. Literally it was like an ice rink and concerned for my performers safety I spent the hour before the performance de-icing the stage with people’s donated anti-freeze from the cars. If anyone knows how to de-frost a large stage fast please let me know for future reference!

The piece was performed three times and everyone did really well despite the mud and ice and not having practiced on the stage before.

Thanks to Nathan Rae who filmed the performance and is creating a DVD for the performers.
Video here

Fire in The Sky-a very productive rehearsal

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15th October 2008

Fire in The Sky structure and theme decided. African tribal theme to fit with the music showing the different stages of life and the different roles of men and women in an African tribe.

The piece begins with a highly choreographed, regimented section to set a tribal theme with much of the movements happening in unison to suggest tribal unity.

This is followed by a section representing childhood which is high energy and fast paced with lots of spontaneous improvised movement.

Ladies of the village- a graceful, slow section using the fire fingers

Hunters/Warriors-this section performed by the male performers from Kaotik Arts. Double staff and section ends with Chris Surfleet juggling 3 fire staffs.

Battle scene between two tribes where those who are killed ascend to the gods.

The gods may be on stilts and we may use some simple acro moves to show the dead rising up to be with the gods.

Fire in The Sky-day two

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8th October 2008

Second rehearsal for Fire in The Sky where we met the West African drummers from Sound Jata who will be providing the music for the performance.

Kaotik Arts showed the group their Fire fans and introduced the idea of fire fingers. It’s good to see the two groups learning new skills and sharing skills.

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