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May 7, 2010

All The Skills support the 2010 Prestwich Festival

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Naomi and Sean attended the launch of the 2010 Prestwich festival. Naomi towered above the crowds handing out fortune cookies. The cookies proved so popular that at one point a joke was required from anyone who wanted a cookie.

The Prestwich festival is now in it’s second year and runs for 35 days


1: To bring people into Prestwich – supporting local businesses.

2: To bring Prestwich’s diverse communities together.

3: To provide an opportunity for local people/groups to showcase their talents.

4: To raise funds for local charities and community projects.

5: To create success stories associated with Prestwich.

Details of the forthcoming events can be found at

Naomi on stilts meets Ivan Lewis MP

Naomi chose the right colour dress for a photo-op with Ivan Lewis, the newly returned MP for Bury South.


May 3, 2010

All The Skills support Sport Relief

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All The Skills were contacted to provide walkabout and meet and greet characters for the “United Relief” event held at Old Trafford football Stadium on the 1st May.

Keeping in with the “red” theme of the event we sent Terrance our red and black Chinese Lion to entertain the crowds accompanied by a Chinese Schoolgirl on stilts. Several traditional Lion dances were performed much to the delight of the crowds waiting to enter the stadium for the concert and charity football match.

Sean continued to dazzle and amaze bystanders with his contact ball skills and keeping in with the Chinese theme he performed numerous diabolo tricks. The next step is to make him look more Chinese!!!

May 10, 2009

Prestwich Festival Launch Party afternoon

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Sean entertaining the VIPs

Sean entertaining the VIPs

May 2, 2009

Prestwich Festival launch

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All The Skills will be appearing at The Launch party for Prestwich Festival this Friday (8th May) at The Church Inn in Prestwich. Come and see Sean perform and who knows what else may happen??!!

Sean at Bolton Phoenix centre

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20 April

Sean leads a circus skills session at Bolton Phoenix centre for Gifted and Talented students. A really enjoyable session covering various circus skills and also a section on performance technique (with some tricks of the trade and pointers to look out for).

The students were offered a chance to put these pointers into practice with short performances for the group at the end.

Sean got a round of aplause from the participants, allways a nice end to a session.

The power of van advertising

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10th March 2009

Sean is a Persian for Purim!

For those who don’t know All The Skills are based in Prestwich where there is a large Jewish community. Today is Purim and the local branch of SE;ED were holding an event. Unfortunately their entertainment let them down last minute.

However, one Jewish lady saw our blue circus van of dreams and tracked down Sean to perform at the event. He got to wear a fetching robe and turban………

we now have requests to do bah mitzvahs…alas we are already a cliche!

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