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March 12, 2010

International Women’s Day celebration at Gorton Monastery

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Artistic image of Viral Video rehearsal

Naomi has been involved in making what will hopefully become a viral video!

She was approached by Nathan Rae of Nathan Rae Productions to produce the choreography for the video which was to be filmed as part of the celebrations forInternational Women’s Day at Gorton Monastery.

Nathan planned and directed the video while Naomi taught the group the dance and invented a whole new kind of notation….


The dance was to an original track specially written by Michele Harris of Audio Boutique.

This video had two goals.  Firstly to be a fun activity for all the participants and in this respect it was a major success!  Comments like

“It was one of the highlights of the day!” and “We had so much fun!” came thick and fast as everyone involved really enjoyed it.

Secondly it was to be a “viral” video to raise the profile of International Woman’s Day.

So if you want to help us “go viral” visit here..

Gorton Monastery

Murals were created live as events unfolded....


May 2, 2009

Fire in The Sky-performance day!

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30th October

A very exciting day! Today was the Fire in The Sky performance at Greenhead park and it is estimated that up to 10,000 people were at the park tonight.

We have been rehearsing at the park all week so the performers were used to being cold but no-one was prepared for the icy stage. Literally it was like an ice rink and concerned for my performers safety I spent the hour before the performance de-icing the stage with people’s donated anti-freeze from the cars. If anyone knows how to de-frost a large stage fast please let me know for future reference!

The piece was performed three times and everyone did really well despite the mud and ice and not having practiced on the stage before.

Thanks to Nathan Rae who filmed the performance and is creating a DVD for the performers.
Video here

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