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May 2, 2009

All The Skills at The Urbis

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7th March 2009

While teaching Streetdance at Kids Allowed Didsbury, Naomi made a contact with Ali Kahn from Big Comedy Shop. Ali was looking for someone to deliver circus skills at this year’s Urban Detox event at Urbis in partnership with 42nd Street.

The event was all about equipping young people to stay physically and mentally healthy in a “toxic” urban environment, where they are exposed to alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, exam pressure etc…

While we had a reasonable amount of participants in the circus workshops for the most part the young people preferred to stay outside the building. While loads of teenagers can be found outside Urbis at the weekend most have never ventured into what has to be said is the most un-welcoming building in Manchester. Also it seems they are often seen as a nuisance by Urbis so it’s weird that most of the time they are told to stay away the for one day they are literally being dragged in…hmmmmmmmmm any suggestions for better ways of encouraging young people into cultural venues?

Oh and it was Naomi’s first stilt walking gig…she even managed to combine poi and stilts yay!


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