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September 6, 2009

Celebrating 100 years of Guiding

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Guide Centenary LaunchOn Saturday Naomi and Sean ventured 5 minutes up the road to Heaton Park, Manchester to deliver circus workshops as part of the North West celebrations of 100 years of Guiding.

8,500 rainbows, brownies, guides and their leaders braved the wind and rain to take part in numerous activities including drumming, climbing, cheerleading, dance, circus skills and donkey riding. The day culminated in a ceremony where a banner celebrating 100 years of guiding was parachuted in. Impressive!

Unfortunately for Naomi and Sean’s eardrums they were based in the same marquee as the samba drumming workshops. These were very popular with 40 plus girls attending each session.

Unfortunately the weather meant that our props were covered in mud very quickly but this did not seem to put off the girls at all! There must be some novelty factor in spinning a plate and covering your friends/leaders in flying mud!!!

The popularity of the circus sessions meant that we were busy all day and Naomi never did get to claim her free donkey ride from Heaton Park doney rides 😦


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