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May 7, 2010

All The Skills support the 2010 Prestwich Festival

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Naomi and Sean attended the launch of the 2010 Prestwich festival. Naomi towered above the crowds handing out fortune cookies. The cookies proved so popular that at one point a joke was required from anyone who wanted a cookie.

The Prestwich festival is now in it’s second year and runs for 35 days


1: To bring people into Prestwich – supporting local businesses.

2: To bring Prestwich’s diverse communities together.

3: To provide an opportunity for local people/groups to showcase their talents.

4: To raise funds for local charities and community projects.

5: To create success stories associated with Prestwich.

Details of the forthcoming events can be found at

Naomi on stilts meets Ivan Lewis MP

Naomi chose the right colour dress for a photo-op with Ivan Lewis, the newly returned MP for Bury South.


May 3, 2010

All The Skills support Sport Relief

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All The Skills were contacted to provide walkabout and meet and greet characters for the “United Relief” event held at Old Trafford football Stadium on the 1st May.

Keeping in with the “red” theme of the event we sent Terrance our red and black Chinese Lion to entertain the crowds accompanied by a Chinese Schoolgirl on stilts. Several traditional Lion dances were performed much to the delight of the crowds waiting to enter the stadium for the concert and charity football match.

Sean continued to dazzle and amaze bystanders with his contact ball skills and keeping in with the Chinese theme he performed numerous diabolo tricks. The next step is to make him look more Chinese!!!

All The Skills go to the TES Fair

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Last weekend All The Skills were invited by Annie from Butterfingers to share her stall at the Times Educational Supplement Fair at Manchester Central.

As we use Butterfingers equipment in our circus workshops, Annie felt it was an ideal partnership. Butterfingers can provide circus equipment to schools and we can show them how to use it.

Sean and Naomi were put to work, demonstrating all the different props. Sean’s skills certainly drew a crowd and the pair put their own teaching skills to work, encouraging teachers to try equipment for themselves.

Circus skills have so many educational benefits from improved concentration, better motor skills and co-ordination. It can particularly benefit pupils with special educational needs such as dyspraxia.

If you are from a school  and are interested in circus equipment or workshops for your students please contact

All The Skills-


March 12, 2010

International Women’s Day celebration at Gorton Monastery

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Artistic image of Viral Video rehearsal

Naomi has been involved in making what will hopefully become a viral video!

She was approached by Nathan Rae of Nathan Rae Productions to produce the choreography for the video which was to be filmed as part of the celebrations forInternational Women’s Day at Gorton Monastery.

Nathan planned and directed the video while Naomi taught the group the dance and invented a whole new kind of notation….


The dance was to an original track specially written by Michele Harris of Audio Boutique.

This video had two goals.  Firstly to be a fun activity for all the participants and in this respect it was a major success!  Comments like

“It was one of the highlights of the day!” and “We had so much fun!” came thick and fast as everyone involved really enjoyed it.

Secondly it was to be a “viral” video to raise the profile of International Woman’s Day.

So if you want to help us “go viral” visit here..

Gorton Monastery

Murals were created live as events unfolded....

February 19, 2010

New Year- New Skills

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Lion dance performance

This week it was Chinese New Year and to celebrate All The Skills can bring you not one but TWO new skill

As some of you know it is now the year of the Tiger and there is someone we would love you all to meet- TERRANCE!

No Terrance is NOT a tiger but he is Chinese and recently he has been very busy in schools and doing performances showing the people of Manchester what Chinese Lion dancing is all about. All The Skills are able to bring Terrance and his friends plus handler Michael to your school, community group or business for an energetic and colourful session.

For schools we offer workshops where pupils can learn about the history and context of Lion dancing before having a go themselves and playing some traditional Chinese instruments. We have different sized Lions, our small lions are suitable for reception pupils to use while older students may be able to use the more fuller figured Terrance!

Community groups can have a similar workshop session or have Terrance make a personal performance at their event.

Businesses can also hire Terrance to appear at parties, PR events and open days.

Lion dances are often performed by competing Kung Fu schools and Terrance’s handler Michael can also provide Kung Fu workshops suitable for all ages. The sessions could be part of your schools PE curriculum, part of a self defence class for your group or form part of a demonstration at your event.

If you are interested in booking Terrance to come to your school, group or business please email

Lion dance workshop in a school

Book Terrance to appear at your public event

More from King Davids

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Influenced by Chinese circus artists Daniel demonstrates the art of amazing balance while spinning plates!

King Davids High School has a fantastic reputation for performing arts and the circus club members did not let us down when we asked them to put together a short performance to show off what they had learnt.

The personalities and egos came out as you will see from the photos below…

"That didn't happen before"


“Sean is soooo cool!”

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As we mentioned in our previous post this term Sean has been running a lunch time circus skills club for two groups at King Davids High School.

All the young people are members of the schools drama and performance groups and this really comes across in their enthusiasm and determination to master new skills and their eagerness to show off what they have learned. When Naomi visited the group it was clear they were loving the sessions with Sean and that Sean’s skills have made such an impression that he has become a mini-celebrity in the school. Below is a short scene from Naomi’s visit scripted for you….

(Sean and Naomi are signing in at reception. Enter female circus club member with friend)

Female circus club member- Sean’s here!

Friend- Who’s Sean?

Female circus club member- Sean does the circus club. He does amazing stuff.

Naomi (to Sean) oooo I think you have a fan.

Female circus club member- Sean is soooooooo cool!

(Naomi nearly dies trying to supress her giggles…..)

A bit of a catch up

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Hello everyone,

We have been very quiet on our blog since before Christmas and some of you might have been wondering where we’ve been. While snow meant a bit of a delayed start to the new year we certainly have not been stuck in the office!

Currently All The Skills run weekly sessions in 4 schools. One of these is Salford City Academy where Sean runs a circus session as part of their Enrichment programme. So far he has been working with Year 7 pupils, some of whom have amazed us with what they can learn in 6 weeks. One boy (called Sean would you believe!) learnt to juggle in less than an hour! Hula hoops, flower sticks and the unicycle have been particularly popular.

This term has also seen Sean start running circus sessions for two groups at King Davids High School. This school has a fantastic reputation for performing arts and this is reflected in the groups who have been attending the lunch time circus clubs. See following “Sean is so cool” post for more info.

Naomi continues to teach drama at Oldfield Brow and after half term both the older and the younger group will be tackling The Bard himself!

Paul meanwhile continues to teach Streetdance at St. Clares -this term it is Year 4s turn to lock and pop and jam.

Naomi has also been learning Chinese Lion dance and we have recruited a Lion Dance and Kung Fu teacher to deliver workshops for All The Skills. See separate post.

Hopefully by this time next week we will also have the new signage on the blue circus van of dreams!

December 22, 2009

Accrington Victorian Market

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Sorry readers this post is not in the correct place chronologically. Anyway…

A few weeks ago Sean was hired to dress up as a Victorian gentleman and provide walk about entertainment in Accrington town centre. This was part of a Christmas event organised by Gayle Knight, including local shop owners dressing up in Victorian costume and a fairy grotto run by a local enterprise college.

What was interesting about the grotto is that St. Nicholoas was dressed in the traditional green rather than the coca cola branded red and white, to keep in with the Victorian theme.

Sean entertained shoppers with diabolo spinning, juggling and most popular of all contact juggling with the “crystal ball.”  If you look carefully at the photos you might “see the strings.”

December 19, 2009

Songwriting with 3rd Stage

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From September to December members of 3rd Stage, an over 50s group who meet to do creative activities at Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield have been learning the art of songwriting with local musician and composer Susanna Hewitt.

The group explored different ways of writing songs including a consequences style exercise where a song’s lyrics were made of seemingly random sentences and writing a tune “by numbers” and in a “higher or lower” style. This process meant the songs had a very contemporary feel.

By the end of the project the group had produced 2 songs which were recorded in the final session. One was a kind of 3rd Stage anthem “We’re the LBT 3rd Stagers…” which included the different activities the groups have done recently. Sean’s circus skills session got a mention!!!  The other appeared to be a contrast between the reality of life and dreaming of what individual’s dream lives would be….”a dishy man to mow the lawn” was a particularly memorable lyric!

The group really enjoyed the sessions and hinted that they might like Susanna back to help them achieve their dream of being next years Christmas number one-forget X Factor and Rage Against the Machine!!!

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